The following is a guest  article by Scott. Always great to have his insight. Thank you !.


There are lots of discussions and media articles about the pending failure of Trump and a Hillary landslide.  Polls say that Hillary already has 270 electoral votes.  Republican establishment people of note are claiming they will vote for Hillary. Now there are questions on whether or not the Donald is really trying to win. He’s spent almost nothing on commercials while the Hillary has spent over $50 million. Trumpsters might as well give up.

It may be that Trump’s success so far has been only to capture voters who are Republicans and conservatives who are disgusted with the Republican leadership’s failure to oppose the Obama policies and that’s it.  The same approach is not working for the rest of the voting population.  Or is it?  Trump still attracts many more attendees at his rallies than does Hillary.  Is there some error blip in all the polls that are indicating Hillary is a sure winner? We don’t know yet.

There are some things for sure if the Donald wins.  There will be an effort to retain our freedoms of speech and religion.  Hillary will be pressed by the left and progressives to take these away. Trump will lower taxes.  He’ll get more of a handle on the economy.  Hillary will undoubtedly raid the pocket books, not only of the wealthy (as she claims while surreptitiously supporting Wall Street), but also of the already struggling middle class. Her unclassified but really classified emails probably compromised an Iranian scientist who was helping us understand the nuclear program of Iran.  He was just executed.  As SECSTATE she allowed Russia to gain control of two-fifths of the uranium deposits in the U.S. Do we need to talk about the calamity of Benghazi?

The Clinton foundation has been a front for foreign entities and globalists (who hate the U.S.) to funnel money to Hillary for future favors.  Can she be blackmailed? Again I say: character and integrity count. The Donald is not clean in every respect (as “alleged” by the media and some others). But the Hillary is known to have committed offenses that we mere peasants would be in jail for committing.  She is being protected on many fronts from prosecution.  The world wonders but nothing is heard from the main stream media on this.


What Next?

Today’s article is by a  longtime contributor…. Thank you Scott!


Jasper Journal Input 23Jul16

By Scott Lewis


Winston Churchill once said: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the rest.”  Many might say that Trump is the worst form of presidential candidate, except for the other one.  How can anyone who has any ethical basis of principles; and, knows about the critical importance of protecting classified information for the national defense, vote for Hillary as Commander-in Chief? By using her own personal email server she exposed sensitive information to hostile countries.  Some of this information exposed human sources and agents. Mr. Comey, Director of the FBI, said in testimony to a congressional committee concerning her email debacle, that she was untruthful on several counts. Would you want your sons’ and daughters’ lives in the hands of Ms. Clinton after this and the Benghazi debacle?  Some say that Trump’s alleged illegal and/or unscrupulous business actions at times put his badness on a par with Hillary’s badness: “What difference does it make at this point?” There is a magnitude of difference in what Hillary did to expose top-secret information that puny-izes the “alleged” actions of Mr. Trump.

If anyone wants to still say that Hillary is qualified based on her past experiences, consider this.  During the congressional special council prosecution of President Nixon for his Watergate involvement, she was fired from her position of legal counsel due to unethical activities: “Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee …When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation.  Why? “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said …“She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” (from Ed Morrissey in Hot Air, 25FEB14).

Many people do not follow the daily details of her scandals that spread over many years.  But common sense people understand habitual dishonesty as a serious character flaw. She cannot be trusted.  Hopefully there are enough voters to understand that she is not fit to be President.

Massacre in Orlando

Words cannot describe my feelings of sadness and outrage over the massacre of innocents in Orlando last night. Hatred fueled by religious fanaticism is a dangerous mix. Sadly our President once again refuses to identify the religious component of this.  He has steadfastly refused to blame radical Islamic terrorists for crime after crime, instead using the convenient liberal excuse of gun violence.

Perhaps this is a step too far. Islamic fundamentalist have no love for gays. They also have no love for Christians and Jews, But they are not protected groups in the Liberal democrat pantheon. But now, the gay community is under direct attack by Islamic fanatics in America. What to do? Will the President finally stand up and admit there is a problem?  Sadly, No. It is the fault of guns.

I am sick of the President skirting the issue. Likewise Hillary Clinton does not have the courage to address the problem either. Like him or not, at least Donald Trump will call this out for what it is: Islamic terrorism in America. How many more massacres will happen before this administration opens its eyes? Or is it just denial? Thoughts?

What, Hillary’s a Woman?

So it begins again: the non stop emphasis by Hillary that she is a woman. So much for wanting to be taken seriously as a leader. It seems at every juncture  she reverts to her sex as a key factor in this race. They call Trump racist for questioning  a Latino judge… shouldnt she be called sexist for using her sex to gain political power?

I am so tired of her trying to have it both ways. Is she running because she is a good leader or because she has female genitalia?  She makes herself look so small when we constantly hear her talk of little girls, glass ceilings, suffragettes, feminist leaders etc. Is she trying to be president or head of a sorority?

Like many of you , I know she has no  record of accomplishment to run on,  so this is it: appeal to those for whom breaking barriers is more important than competence. How many Obama voters  decided it was time for a black president even though he was woefully unprepared? Perhaps she hopes that this woman card, which she actually had printed and distributed, will be enough to dupe voters into electing her.

If she wants to be taken seriously which obviously doesn’t matter to her, she needs to act presidential and not a victim in a battle of the sexes. I do not believe this will happen. I believe we will be subjected to constant reminders  that Hillary is a woman for the next five months.  I cannot stand it… how about you?


What if you wake up and Hillary is President?

I have this recurring fear that in early November, the country might decide to commit national suicide and elect Hillary Clinton president. It would be a nightmare scenario as she has laid out what she would do and how she would do it and there is nothing she says that I agree with. Her pandering to illegals, felons, every minority group available,  and every liberal constituency make her a very scary proposition indeed.

We know her lack of character, her venality, her contempt of the media and her opponents, and her basic unsuitability for a position of trust. Worse, she is publicly laying out an agenda of more government control and people are not noticing. Here is a clip of her refusing to say the 2nd amendment is a constitutional right that cannot be infringed upon. For this alone she is wrong for the country.  Please share this with any gun owner who may be leaning to Clinton… hopefully there are not that many.

Lets pray that the voters see through her or that she is indicted and can’t run, as she would in my mind be a disaster for the nation. Thoughts?



An Offensive Vice President

How can we describe Vice President Joe Biden:  Foot in Mouth? Political hack? Egotist?  Well after reading his remarks to the West Point graduating class the other day, I would like to add another: Offensive.

One of the focus areas of his speech was of course diversity. Why? Well because diversity is such a critical part of warfighting. Clausewitz apparently overlooked it in his epic On War, and Sun Tzu missed it in “Art of War.” But eagle eye Biden stated  “that greater diversity, including more women and openly gay soldiers will strengthen the country’s armed forces.” Well heck, lets cancel the F-35 and bring in more gay and minority soldiers! If he had stopped there, I would have written this off as another in your face PC moment by the master of PC.

But instead, he did something I consider  outrageous  and offensive to the other cadets: he singled out the class president for publicly coming out gay. He went on to say “Thanks for your courage… and I expect we’re going to hear big things from you  pal. ”  Really, because of his sexual proclivities?  I don’t care how he has sex. But is it something to be praised? To assume we will hear big things from him because of how he likes his sex partners? What a joke. What a total idiot. And what a disgrace and insult to the other 950 cadets.

Don’t they show courage every day they are at West Point? Yet they are not singled out for praise and admiration by the Vice President  because they don’t make a big deal about their sex habits.

I am ashamed that these cadets had to listen to a third rate hack politician fall over himself to spout the latest PC mantra. It is time for big change in Washington. The country cannot afford four more years of this kind of  insulting behavior. What do you think?


Drink Puerto Rican Rum

I Like Puerto Rican rum. Bacardi is a great distillery and they give a darn good tour.  I like visiting El Morro  Fortress and stopping on a cruise in San Juan. Where I draw the line is bailing out Puerto Rico’s liberal establishment who are awash in debt. Like many bloated big cities in America, they are over their head  and can’t pay. They want the federal government to come in and save them. Well, I am sorry, but not this time. Sadly, Paul Ryan seems poised to make a deal with the President and the ever popular Nancy Pelosi  to do just that.

Wait a minute? Isn’t he a fiscal conservative? Isn’t he too proud to support Donald Trump? Doesn’t he raise his nose at Trump supporters? Yet he will work with Obama on a huge bailout? And remember, it is not just Puerto Rico… that is just the beginning.

I don’t know what to make of Ryan. Who is he? Can he be trusted? Has he become part of the establishment?  There are so many big issues on the horizon we need a fighter… someone who wont give in and stands his ground. The Puerto Rico issue should have been a no brainer; yet is will be another win in the Obama big government category.  Where is the outrage over the transgender decrees?  Or the lying and outright dismissal by the Obama administration to explain how they hoodwinked the public on Iran? How sad.

However, as far as Puerto Rico goes,  I will still drink their rum and do my part to reduce their debt.  If they want to subsidize them how about cutting the price on their rum? Will you join me in a Mojito?  Have a great weekend.

Useful Idiots

Today we have a guest article from longtime reader and contributor, Scott.  Very interesting perspective. Thank you for the input.  Thoughts?

Useful Idiots

You’ve maybe heard the phrase from the movie Casablanca, “Round up the usual suspects.” Today, I am using the words “useful idiots” often employed by Communists’ ways of using the starry-eyed ideologues to create chaos, then, get rid of them, and put cynical elites and bureaucrats into positions of dictatorial power. The communist and socialist elites do not really want chaos. So the useful idiots are made to become extinct. Look back at communism in the Soviet Union, Mao’s China and in Eastern Europe under the iron curtain: police states all.

The Useful Idiots are knocking down the doors to get into the asylum in order to become patients in the asylum. Then they will be trapped where the hard-core leftist leadership wants them and can control them. I am talking about voters who are crazy about Bernie Sanders and to a lesser extent, Hillary Clinton. Although it is hard to know where Hillary stands on issues as she migrates through feeling strongly about all ways. However, she is an Alinsky-ite. So I’ll stack her close to Bernie when it comes to seeing that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the far left.

Why are Millennials moving towards Bernie Sanders?  What is the allure of this avowed socialist? I will agree that he comes across as being more authentic and honest than Mrs. Clinton. He has some charisma. But he cannot deliver what he is promising. Then, Hillary is in thick with Wall Street, but will deny it as long as she can get away with the denial.  Why else is she so against releasing her speeches to the Wall Street Bigs? (Both parties try to curry favor with the Wall Street Bigs. I do not agree that it is only Republicans who are the big money string pullers. There are many rich Democrats who make big money using the capitalistic system. It would shock the useful idiots if they knew how Democrat elites are tied into Wall Street money).

Useful Idiots, beware! Your potential leftist dear leaders see you as expendable

I Don’t Care

Well, the attack merchants are out in force now,  attempting to smear and discredit Donald Trump. My response to their  efforts to belittle and disqualify him is simple: “I don’t care.” The NY Times and Washington Post are falling over themselves to dig up dirt on his talk about women, his discussion with his previous wife, his not releasing his income tax and basically, his not playing by their rules. I am delighted someone is calling them out. I don’t care about that. I care about what he is going to do as President. Clearly they are appalled that he is defying them, he is mocking them, he is calling them out for what they are: tools of the democrat establishment.

They will say he is a hypocrite because he is calling for disclosure and investigations of Hillary Clinton. Well she should be investigated. She worked for the government… i.e. me. She was on the public payroll. Frankly she has been sucking off the public teat for most of her life. She is accountable to the public. Her and the Clinton foundation tax issues are scandalous and inextricably linked. They suggest pay for influence and corruption. It is perfectly reasonable to expect Clinton to disclose her finances. She claims that she has been in public service most of her life. Well, she has done very well through this. Is it all legal?

Trump was not a public servant nor did he claim to be squeaky clean when it came to language. We know that.  I know he likes women… so do I. His image is of a macho playboy business man, and that probably helped him in his international dealing. So?  He helped women and treated them as one of the boys. They are in high profile jobs in his organization and the Time’s attempt to belittle him was in itself pitiful.

As for his taxes, he is right, it is none of their business. He said he tries to pay as little as possible. Good for him!  What is the upside of releasing his taxes? So the NY Times and their cohorts can dissect every aspect of his life for ten years? Is the purpose to vet him or destroy him? I think we know the answer as they have done nothing to pursue all of the corruption in Clintonland.

So, as we begin yet another frenzied media week,  join me in saying to the media, “We don’t care about the past… It’s what he will do in the future that counts.”